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    HR State Council Meeting Minutes 08.26.22

    Date: August 26, 2022, 8:00am
    HR State Council of New Hampshire
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    Board of Directors Meeting

     August 26, 2022 (8:00 a.m. to 9:35 a.m.)

    The Board of Directors Meeting was a Zoom Meeting.

    Present:  Elena Alois, Tim Dabrieo, Jeannie DiBella, Brie Elliott, Michelle Gray, Hope Kelly, Jenn Kinville, Jess LaPaglia, Jenny Locanthi (SHRM), Jessica Locke, Catharine Mirabile, Jermaine Moore, Sarah Rossetti, Tina Sharby, Traci Tenggren, Linda Tuells, David Twitchell, Amy Wright, Kim Brackett.   Guests were:  Tracey Jackson, Anne Banks, Mary Wright and Ellie Cook.   

    Absent:   Andrea Chatfield, Kristine DiFiore, Jennifer Horton, Peter Stoehr and Grant Wege    

    Linda Tuells – Secretary

    The meeting minutes of the April 22, 2022 meeting were voted on and approved unanimously.   Tim Dabrieo motioned to accept and David Twitchell seconded the motion; all approved. 

    Tina Sharby – Director

    HR State Council of NH Board of Directors Corporate Resolution

    At the August 26, 2022 Board of Directors meeting and in accordance with state law and the bylaws of the State Council by unanimous consent, the Board of Directors approved the extension of the two term limit for board positions to a three term limit for the Legislative Director role.   Therefore, it is resolved that the Legislative Director may serve up to three, two-year terms, for a period of six years.

    Motion made by:   David Twitchell

    Seconded:  Jess LaPaglia

    Jennifer Kinville – Treasurer

    Jenn stated that the D & O insurance, taxes and the post office box invoices have been paid. 

    The travel expenses have been budgeted for conferences for our Director, Tina to attend.   Speakers for the GSHRC have also been budgeted.   Our financials had a $1,000 negative entry for the Vermont Conference.   The State Council would have increased the cost of the Conference if we had known there would be a deficit.

    The financials were voted on and approved unanimously.  Jessica Locke motioned to accept and Jess LaPaglia seconded the motion; all approved. 

    The following Treasurer Report was sent to the board for review prior to the meeting.

    Beginning Balance – April 21, 2022

    HRSC Checking Account Balance


    Transactions since April 21, 2022




    Strategic HR Partnership



    Leadership Conference Sponsors





    Tina Sharby – Travel SHRM RCBM



    Crown Trophy – Volunteer of the Year Award



    Vachon Clukay – Tax Preparation; 2021 Taxes



    CGI Insurance – D&O Insurance; annual premium



    NH BIA – annual membership



    Postal Center – PO Box; annual fee



    Tina Sharby – Travel SHRM Annual



    Tina Sharby – State Council Meet & Greet





    Profit / Loss ~ April 21, 2022 – August 24, 2022





    Net Profit/Loss


    Ending Balance – August 24, 2022

    HRSC Checking Account Balance


    Annual YTD Profit/Loss:



    Leadership Conference – April 20, 2022





    Net Profit/Loss




    Beginning Balance – April 21, 2022

    GSHRC Checking Account Balance


    Transactions since April 21, 2022




    Twin Summit – Final Reconciliation









    Pamela Green – Speaker



    Amy Beaulieu (3 Shoes Inc.) – Speaker





    Profit / Loss ~ April 21, 2022 – August 24, 2022





    Net Profit/Loss



    Ending Balance – August 24, 2022

    GSHRC Checking Account Balance


    Annual YTD Profit/Loss:



    NH HR Apprenticeship – Sarah Rossetti, Mary Wright, Tracey Jackson and Anne Banks

    Tracey Jackson and Mary Wright shared a presentation on NH HR Apprenticeship Program and spoke about the following: 

    SHRM Foundation will support you in building your own HRRAP with planning and technical assistance through the program. 

    You will be providing the apprenticeship with an 18 to24 month experience that delivers:

    • A paid job
    • Membership
    • On-the-job training
    • Classroom learning
    • The experience/education needed to earn the SHRM-CP credential
    • Job Description for the HR Apprenticeship

    Catharine Mirabile – SHRM Northeast MAC Rep

    Catharine spoke about the following:

    • Art Gloria – Interim Divisional Director West
    • Nancy Conway – FSD in the West region who is retiring
    • Dual Membership Release (DMR) – the Greater Monadnock Chapter in Keene is the first in NH to implement.
    • AMP – Affiliate Management Portal – This is a new dashboard provided to certain chapter leaders and provides a snapshot of membership status, certification status and other pertinent chapter information. Access to more chapters will be coming in the next two quarters.
    • MAC Survey – – This survey will be sent to all volunteer leaders and provides the MAC an opportunity to obtain information to share with SHRM’s Board of Directors and Executive Team. This is an important survey, as tools, templates and resources are developed by the feedback received by the MAC from the volunteer leaders.
    • SHRM Connect – SHRM Connect is an online forum where SHRM members can post questions and get answers from peers within the SHRM community.  This has been updated from a previous version and is now truly a great place to obtain information.

    Jenny Locanthi – SHRM

    • VLBM – November 17 – 19 in Washington, DC
    • Membership roster audit
    • Executive Network – Sr. HR Professionals support.  This network is restricted to the size of employees to their organization and there is a fee to join. 

    Tina Sharby – Director

    Tina is looking forward to seeing everyone at the GSHRC.

    Tina welcomed all new chapter presidents to the HR State Council Board.

    Amy Wright and Ellie Cook – Dual Membership

    Ellie Cook, Membership Chair from the Monadnock Chapter, shared a presentation on Dual Memberships.

    • The Membership Director, Website and Treasurer will be doing most of the work at the chapter level to institute the Dual Membership.
    • Members stay longer in a local chapter if they have a dual membership.
    • Benefit to the Chapters – local expertise as well as global and national expertise.
    • SHRM handles the renewals.

    Michelle Gray – Website/Social Media

    Michelle asked that content be sent to her to place on the website and social media.  She also recommended that the HR Council Board members share the posts and like them on social media.     

    Hope Kelly – Certification

    The deadline for the scholarship was extended to June and Hope had only one inquiry with no application submission.    Hope is working on the credits for the GSHRC.  

    Jessica LaPaglia – Membership

    Jessica is creating a schedule to solicit volunteers for the booth at the GSHRC. 

    Jermaine Moore – Diversity

    Jermaine is working on the Annual event for the DWC.  He does not have a date scheduled yet.

    Jeannie DiBella – Programming

    The programming is all set for the GSHRC.   Jeannie asked chapters to promote the GSHRC to solicit attendees.  

    The State Council will commit a 50% off scholarship for the GSHRC with a maximum amount of scholarships provided.   Jeannie asked that the local chapters help with scholarships for their members. 

    Chapter News

    Elena Alois -  HRAGC

    HRAGC’s first in person meeting will be in September.

    Brie Elliott - MAHRA

    MAHRA had their first in person meeting in June.  The dates are all set for the upcoming program year and MAHRA is working on a hybrid situation.     

    Lisa Monsein -  GMVHRA

    Their first meeting is in September and will be remote.   They are looking for a new venue to hold future meetings.   GMVHRA is planning on a retreat for old and new board members.  

    Traci Tenggren -  SHRA

    A Membership Appreciation Event is planned in June.   SHRA’s first in person meeting will be in September. 

    Jeannie DiBella – GNHRA

    Their first in person meeting will be in September.


    Hope Kelly made the motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Lisa Monsein and approved unanimously.

    Submitted by: Linda Tuells – Secretary

    Upcoming NH State HR Council Programs

    October 3, 4               Granite State Human Resource Conference

    Upcoming Board Meetings

    October 28                 Virtual

    December 16              Virtual