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Welcome to the HR State Council of New Hampshire!

Thank you to all our sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees of the Granite State HR Conference 2022.

Great to see everyone in person this year!!!!



Join us in congratulating Debbie Chauven for being nominated as 2022 Volunteer of the Year!

Debbie is a retired Human Resources and Management Professional with extensive experience in employee relations, employment law, recruitment, and management of an HR Partner function for multi-site operations.  Her most recent role was as the Corporate Director of Human Resource at the Yankee Candle Company.  Prior to Yankee Candle Co, Debbie worked for Stow Mills/United Natural Foods as their Warehouse Operations Manager before transitioning her career to HR as their Human Resource Manager.  Debbie has been a member of GMSHRM since its inception, and she is also on the Leadership Team of the Brattleboro Area HR Network (BAHRN).

Debbie Chauvin has been a vital part of the Greater Monadnock SHRM, especially during the pandemic, leading the program committee to locate and coordinate speakers for monthly chapter meetings.  GMSHRM would not have had success in programming if it wasn’t for Debbie and her resilience.  


2021 HR Hero Award Recipient

Tim has held many positions on both his local chapter (SHRA) and the HR State Council, his tenure as Director was pivotal to the continued success and relevance of the HR State Council to the HR community.  Specifically, he had a huge role with the integration of the Granite State HR Conference becoming a part of the HR State Council.  This was no easy feat, but with his organizational skills, his ability to enlist the right people at the time and his timely humor, he made the integration successful (and fun).  Tim’s financial background and passion to the success of the HR State Council and Granite State HR Conference was also critical to the preparedness of the impending pandemic’s impact to the Granite State HR Conference.  If it weren’t for the past financial success of the HR State Council under his leadership, the cancelled “in person” Granite State HR Conference of 2020 would have been financially devastating to the HR State Council.  

During Tim’s tenure as Director, the HR State Council of NH was the recipient of the SHRM Excel award, which is an arduous task with all of SHRM’s requirements for a State Council.  Additionally, the HR State Council of NH was a first-time recipient under his leadership for SHRM’s Pinnacle Award for the State Council’s diversity initiative with the creation of the Diversity Workforce Coalition.  Tim spent tireless hours writing and rewriting the submission to meet SHRM’s oversight committee’s requirements for consideration for the award.  Through his diligence, the HR State Council was awarded the coveted Pinnacle, which is an award that exemplifies excellence in the HR community by either promoting or advocating services in any capacity that enhances our profession to the overall community that we service. 

In addition to Tim’s organizational, motivational and financial acumen, he is the master of fostering collaboration.  He had a great way during his tenure as the State Council Director to understand the needs of the chapters and encourage collaboration between the chapters and with the State Council.  Specifically, he identified that one of the local chapters (MAHRA) had a very robust Workforce Readiness committee and with the intent of not duplicating efforts but creating synergy with the varied people working on this initiative he encouraged combining forces.  This type of collaboration with combining forces with the chapters and the State Council has made this initiative one that will have a longer term and far-reaching result than it would with every chapter working separately.   In my opinion with everything he accomplished throughout his years serving the HR community, he is the epitome of an HR Hero.  He was pivotal to the continued success of the HR State Council and prepared his successors well for the continuity of the mission of the HR State Council. 

Finally, Tim is a quiet leader who does not expect the accolades he so justly deserves.  His tireless efforts for the HR community do not go unnoticed to those who he has directly served with him.  If you ask anyone about Tim, they all highly regard him as an outstanding contributor to the HR community.  Tim is also extremely modest and never expects the spotlight, in fact he takes much joy in watching others succeed with working behind the scenes as a constant encourager.  I believe that his humor makes him extremely likeable and assisted with obtaining volunteers who were eager to work with him.

Family is Tim's true passion in life. He enjoys the outdoors, gardening, all Boston professional sports teams, and music. Above all he enjoys sharing all of these hobbies with his wife, Christine, and three sons, Gavin, Caleb and Parker.



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