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01/2018 Meetings & Events

    January 2018
    Date Event Type
    January 25 Test Event Conference
    March 2018
    Date Event Type
    March 28 The Real Cost to Business: The Mental Health and Addiction Crisis Conference
    April 2018
    Date Event Type
    April 12 Save the Date: Diversity Workplace Coalition 2nd Annual Conference Conference
    April 27 Community College Apprenticeship Tour Conference
    May 2018
    Date Event Type
    May 3 Why We Argue and How We Reconcile Conference
    May 8 Hiring A Diverse Workforce: A Non-Traditional Look At Diversity. Are You Overlooking Some Avenues To Promote Diversity In This Tough Hiring Climate? Conference
    May 8 I-9 Compliance with John Wilson! Conference
    May 8 Reverse Career Fair - Pinkerton Academy Conference
    May 9 Leadership that Works Conference
    May 9 Leadership That Works - Special 1/2 Day Seminar Conference
    June 2018
    Date Event Type
    June 7 Five Habits of Destructive HR Leaders (Workshop)
    June 12 HR’s Delicate Operations: Helping HR Professionals Manage Risk and Navigate Tricky Workplace Issues Conference
    June 21 #Me Too: Making Your Trainings and Investigations More Effective Conference
    August 2018
    Date Event Type
    August 7 Why Employees Hate HR and What You Can Do About it Meeting
    September 2018
    Date Event Type
    September 6 Medical Marijuana Conference
    September 11 Structuring Benefits for the 21st Century Meeting
    September 11 Workplace Violence & Response to Armed Intruders Conference
    September 13 Managing Humans: It Takes Civility and Courage Meeting
    September 27 Statewide Leadership Conference Conference
    October 2018
    Date Event Type
    October 4 Do these Wage and Hour laws still make Cents to You? Meeting
    October 9 360 Reviews - How to conduct, Integrate and make the switch to a culture of feedback Meeting
    October 10 10th Annual Employment Leadership Awards Recognition Gala Conference
    October 18 Annual Legal Update, with Down Rachlin Martin Meeting
    October 28 to October 30 2018 Strategic Conference ~ Save the Date Conference
    November 2018
    Date Event Type
    November 1 It's Not the Money: The Reasons Employees Quit Meeting
    November 1 Comparing Health Costs for Employers (Webinar) Webinar
    November 2 Board of Directors Meeting - BOD only Meeting
    November 6 US DOL coming to Concord NH - Wage and Hour Conference
    November 8 Annual Meeting, Facilitating Ethical Corporate Behavior Meeting
    November 13 How to Deal with Pay Equity Among Employees Meeting
    December 2018
    Date Event Type
    December 6 Effectively Navigating the Conflict Spectrum Meeting
    December 8 How to Give Effective Presentations and Present with Poise Meeting
    December 11 Panel Discussion on Recruiting Meeting