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April 2019 Meeting Minutes

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    Board of Directors Meeting

    April 19, 2019 (8:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m.)


    Present:  Tina Sharby, Linda Tuells, Jeanne DiBella, Catharine Mirabile, Robyn Chadwick, Hope Kelley, Melissa Abbott, Jennifer Kinville, Michelle Gray

    Phone: Tim Dabrieo, David Twitchell, Gail Buckler, Anne Vallette, Nancy Rowell, Amy Cann, Amy Wright, Candi Dione, Armando Llorente

    Absent:    Andrea Chatfield, John Wilson, Brie Elliott, Susan Post          


    Secretary – Linda Tuells

    The meeting minutes of the February, 2019  meeting were voted on and approved unanimously. Tina Sharby motioned to accept and Hope Kelley seconded the motion; all approved. 


    Treasurer – Jennifer Kinville

    Jeanne DiBella motioned to accept the financials and Tina Sharby seconded the motion; all approved.

    The following treasurer reports were sent to the board.




    Beginning Balance – February 22, 2019

    HRSC Checking Account Balance




    Transactions since February 22, 2019









    SHRM Legislative Conference Expenses – Andrea Chatfield



    Expenses – Jennifer Kinville – Gift for Tim; raffle tickets; postage



    Leone, McDonnell & Roberts – 2017 Tax Preparation



    SHRM Leadership Conference Expenses – Jeannie DiBella






    Profit / Loss ~ February 22, 2019 – April 19, 2019





    Net Profit/Loss




    Ending Balance – April 19, 2019

    HRSC Checking Account Balance


    Annual YTD Profit/Loss:





    Beginning Balance – February 22, 2019

    GSHRC Checking Account Balance




    Transactions since February 22, 2019










    Speaker Fees – Peak Solutions – Richard Fagerlin



    Speaker Fees – Colene Rogers



    Speaker Expenses – Colene Rogers – Travel



    Speaker Fees – Simon T. Bailey



    Speaker Fees – Brick InSight – Rod Sigurdson



    Speaker Fees – Blue U Defense – Terry Choate



    Speaker Fees – Career Management Associates – David Ciullo



    Speaker Fees – Del Gilbert







    2019 Profit / Loss through April 19, 2019





    Net Profit/Loss




    Ending Balance – April 19, 2019

    GSHRC Checking Account Balance


    Annual YTD Profit/Loss:



    Membership – Jeanne DiBella

    Jenn Horton won the drawing to the Granite State Human Resource Conference from all chapters who were entered into the drawing.  The $10.00 rebate to the GSHRC was received by the following chapters:  1 from the HR Association of Greater Concord  and 14 from Manchester Area Human Resource Association.  Jeanne hasn’t heard from the other chapters yet. 

    Jeanne indicated she will concentrate on membership when the conference is completed.   We have enough staff to help with the State Council booth at the GSHRC.  We will need flyers, etc. to promote the chapters and membership. Jeanne asked the chapters to contact her if they wanted to put together a gift basket or a gift card worth $50.00. 


    Robyn Chadwick – Workforce Readiness

    The Scholarship winner was Aura Huot.  Robyn asked for volunteers to mentor and stay with Aura the entire day at the Granite State Conference

    The Student Experience Day at Easter Seals had 7 students sign up with 4 in attendance.   Robyn indicated it was a great experience for everyone. 

    JAG – On May 15 Workforce Readiness will be working with 15 – 20 students at Memorial High


    Anne Vallette – GSHRC Update

    Anne stated we are over $3,000 for attendees from last year and $9,000 in revenue over last year. 

    There are still 10 booths open for exhibitors.   The tables will be inside the conference room this year versus outside.   We still need some volunteers for the day before to stuff bags and help with setting up.   Anne asked for volunteer help from anyone in transition. 


    Catharine Mirabile – Director

    State Council discount code for SHRM membership - $20.00 discount for SHRM membership.   The  code is State20.   This can be found at    The discount is good for the entire year.

    Catharine talked about the Legislative Conference and having it every other year.  She spoke about doing something different.   Catharine would like to see the A team go to Capitol Hill  She stated that the format for the conference was changed for 2018 and there was not a lot of information    Andrea will centralize local agendas and wants to change the structure and engage people to be part of the A team.

    Catharine talked about the tri-fold and asked chapters to send Catharine information about their chapters to put together the tri-fold for the State Council.

    The Corporate Experience Day and the JAG initiative should be considered for a Pinnacle Award.

    The NH Leadership Conference was discussed and it was felt that September 26 was the best date to hold the conference at the Holiday Inn in Concord.  We will need to start planning for sponsors and speakers.

    Catharine went over the updates from Susan Post from SHRM.      

    The primary charge of the Membership Advisory Council (MAC) is to serve as the Liaison between our SHRM volunteers and our SHRM Board of Directors.  Susan asked for our help by sharing  perspectives in completing the 2019 Spring MAC Survey.  The 2019 SHRM Membership Advisory Council Survey link is:


    Amy Wright – Certification

    The winners of this year’s two $600 HR State Council of NH”s SHRM Certification Scholarships were Anne Meyer, of Greater Monadnock SHRM and, Paul Neve, of the Seacoast HR Association.   Both Paul and Anne have demonstrated their commitment of the HR profession and their local chapter.  Amy wanted to recognize Paul for recently passing the exam and earning his SHRM-CP.   

    Amy talked about Getting Talent Back to Work and discussed the cultures of organizations regarding this initiative.   Amy recommended asking chapters to take the pledge as a chapter.   Getting Talent Back to Work is a SHRM initiative –   There is a toolkit on the State Council website.   This initiative is focused on people that have been incarcerated and re-engaged in the workforce.  

    NH Alliance for Healthy Aging

    Laurie Duff from the NH Alliance for Healthy Aging attended the Board meeting and talked about caregivers in the workforce.  

    Laurie also spoke about support from workplaces.    It was suggested that a roundtable be formed to get people to start talking and highlighting businesses to find solutions for caregivers to continue working in the workplace while caring for their elderly parents.

    AARP will discuss solutions to the caregivers in the workforce at a meeting to be scheduled in September.   It was recommended that HR professionals in the community attend this roundtable.  Caregivers in the workplace are typically between the ages of 45 and 65.  Organizations should be flexible for staff to take mom and dad to the doctors, or when their staff  need to leave work when caregivers do now show up to take care of their parents.  A discussion should take place in organizations as to what is being done to accommodate employee needs.     

    Chapter News

    The State Council will have its Meet and Greet sometime in June

    Candi Dionne, Monadnock HR Association  – May 8 – ½ day Legal Update with Jim Reidy.

    Gail Buckler, Merrimack Valley HR Association  – Recently had its full day Legal Update and there will be a volunteer dinner in June with  a networking event in September. 

    Amy Cann, Seacoast HR Association –  Member Appreciation Event on August 22.   They are looking to schedule an Animal Shelter volunteer event.

    Hope Kelley, Manchester Area Human Resource Association – 65th Anniversary Gala on May 9.  Membership currently has 241 members.   Their Charitable partner is Liberty House. 

    Melissa  Abbott, HR Association of Greater Concord – ½ day conference.   Their volunteer appreciation event is in May


    Armanda Llorente – Diversity

    The Diversity Coalition Conference was a great program with 100 in attendance.   The mayor was there for the presentation.     Lee Rubin was the motivational speaker.



    Hope Kelley motioned to adjourn the meeting and Robyn Chadwick seconded the motion; all approved.  


    2019 HR State Council of NH Meetings




    Wednesday/Thursday evening

    Evening Reception


    August 23

    Call in only

    8 – 10 AM

    September 30

    Easter Seals Office

    4 – 6 PM

    November 8  

    Easter Seals Office

    8 – 10 AM 



    State Council / GSHRC Events

    Granite State Human Resources Conference – April 30 – May 1, 2019


    Submitted, Linda Tuells, Secretary