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    Organizational Elasticity

    Date: October 7, 2021, 8:15am – 10:30am
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    Direction, execution and culture are the building blocks of successful organizations.  The toughest of these three critical artifacts is the cultural piece.  The greatest companies have the ability to continuously create elasticity to adapt, morph, change, stretch, and contract their shape to meet increasingly changing business dynamics.  HR professionals are responsible for driving and leading this elasticity.  How do we develop a multitude of HR strategies to scale our organization?  What kind of resourcing of talent will lead in increasing innovation while eliminating operational inefficiencies?

    These questions will be answered with several tools and techniques to drive and transform your way of thinking of organizational design.

    Our Speaker: Nat Boughton

    Nat Boughton is a proven executive leader and creative thinker with over 30 years of experience. He has a talent for quickly analyzing complex problems and formulating solutions that exceed expectations. His ability to embrace ambiguity with innovation, responsiveness and flexibility enables him to deliver a wide range of sophisticated usable design and improvement solutions for multiple intricate and challenging projects. Nat has successfully built a full-service management consulting and executive coaching business, as well as, proprietary SaaS suite of cloud services tools to increase operational efficiency, innovation, growth and profitability.  He is also an internationally recognized Executive Coach and speaker and the award-winning author of the books, “Stop Managing, Start Coaching” and the “The Performance Challenge.

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