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The ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign is currently under way in NH

    November 25, 2015

    The ACT College and Career Readiness Campaign is currently under way in NH.

    Please help spread the word about the Campaign and identify potential students, high schools, community colleges, or employers you work with who should apply for this award.

    The College and Career Readiness Campaign recognizes those who are making a positive impact in their communities by exemplifying or advancing college and career readiness in four categories: high school seniors, high schools, community colleges, and employers. ACT developed the Campaign to shine a light on students, institutions, and companies who are doing more with less, overcoming obstacles, and serving as examples to others. Beyond their recognition, the student exemplar in each state will also receive at least a $500 nonrenewable scholarship, payable to the higher education institution of his or her choice.

    We are seeking your help in identifying candidates for New Hampshire exemplars in all four categories. All information and forms relating to the Campaign can be found on our website, On the site, you, potential exemplar applicants, and other interested parties can learn About the Campaign. The Applications and Deadlines tab provides links to the exemplar applications for the four categories. Students will also have to print out and physically sign a PDF release form and return a scan of it via email (the preferred method) or a hardcopy via regular mail.

    Please direct candidates to the Applications and Deadlines section of the ACT website before Thursday, December 31. For additional questions, feel free to contact