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Certification Resource Page

    New! Policy Changes to SHRM Recertification effective 8/1/19

    • Earn and Record Professional Development Credits (PDCs) During the Grace Period
      • Anyone recertifying can earn PDCs for activities they participate in through their grace period (the 60-day period between their certification end date and expiration date).
    • Immediately Begin Earning PDCs for New Recertification Cycle When You Recertify Early
      • The new recertification cycle for SHRM Certification holders who recertify will begin the NEXT DAY after they recertify. Their end date will continue to be on the last day of their birth month.
    • Carry Over a Maximum of 20 Credits to the Next Recertification Cycle
      • SHRM Certification holders who recertify with more than 60 credits in their account will be able to carry over up to 20 credits to their new cycle