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Co-branding and Printing Resources

    .       SHRM’s new printing portal (reminder) -    This is a one-stop shop for chapters and the State Council. Customizable collateral that is co-branded with SHRM. Can develop brochures, postcards and business cards and either print yourself or have SHRM’s 3rd party print (for a fee).    Current materials include membership marketing, SHRM Certification resources flyer and more to be developed.  A separate login must be made to create an account for this service and I have already created one, in the event we want to utilize this portal. Direct link to printing portal:


    .       SHRM Affiliate Accessory Store -   Materials for co-branding for State Councils and Chapters with SHRM and chapter/SC logo. Example of items include tablecloths, keychains, mugs, plaques (for past presidents, etc.), and much more!  Direct link to site: