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New Certification Update

    June 9, 2014

    HR State Council of New Hampshire

    Affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management

    To: All State Chapters, Members, and Certified Human Resource Professionals –

    Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has recently announced that there will be changes to the Certifications as we currently know them today beginning in 2015.

    SHRM has announced that they have created a new Certification based on a HR Competency Model. The process to develop the HR Competency Model has been a 3-Year process that involved a global perspective of 30,000 Certified HR Professionals across Fortune 500 companies, medium and small businesses, and universities.

    Based on the SHRM Research and other recent studies and reports, SHRM has decided that the HR Profession needs to evolve and change with the demands of the changing business environment. SHRM has acknowledged that HR Certification can no longer continue to focus on knowledge and technical skills alone.

    The SHRM HR Competency Model involves: Communication, Relationship Management, Ethical Practice, HR Experience, Business Acumen, Critical Evaluation, Global & Cultural Effectiveness, Leadership and Navigation, and Consultation.

    There will be changes in 2015 to the existing HR Certification. If you currently have or are in process of obtaining your PHR, SPHR, GPHR, HRMP, or HRBP in 2014, you’ll be eligible beginning in January 2015 to convert to the new SHRM Certification. Once you convert, you’ll begin a new 3-Year SHRM Certification cycle.

    The process to convert to the new SHRM Certification will include 3-Steps: 1) Document your current certification is in good standing, 2) Sign the SHRM Code of Ethics, and 3) Complete an online Tutorial on HR Competencies. The tutorial will include a list of questions that will need to be completed.

    We know that with change there will be many questions, concerns, and decisions to make as it pertains to your HR Professional Certification. We will be providing more information as it is available and encourage you to read more about these changes as they become available directly from SHRM.

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